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YAMI® Yogurt, short for Yogurt Acidophilus MIlk Yogurt, is a soft frozen yogurt brand established and located in Singapore that offers a wide variety of yogurt flavours, and delicious toppings and many more. Created with 3 main yogurt culture strands, YAMI® Yogurt takes pride in its low-fat, not-from-powdered mix yet rich and delectable multitude of flavoured yogurt, making it a fan favourite not only among the health-conscious but also among dessert enthusiasts.
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How we began...
YAMI Yogurt was introduced to Singaporeans in the early 1980s by a group of Singaporean entrepreneurs. Due to its catchy name, and the inherent goodness of its yogurt, YAMI Yogurt quickly caught on with diet-conscious consumers. With a number of retail shops islandwide and its eventual venture into catering service, YAMI Yogurt became and continues to be a favourite to-go treat, providing healthy and froyo delights to its ever-growing number of fans.
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Whether you want a simple cup of froyo dabbled with equally tasty toppings, or a more personalized and unique take with our signature Splitz and Dreamboat creations, YAMI Yogurt is ready to take you on an experience where healthy meets delicious.
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