YAMI® Yogurt comes in array of flavours that will surely satisfy the tastebuds of any age group. Peach, Passion Fruit, Honeydew, Green Apple and Natural to name a few. Whichever flavour you choose, we can practically guarantee you will get an equally soft frozen YAMI® Yogurt experience in every spoonful.
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Flavours of the Week
17 Jun - 23 Jun Sweet Green Apple Merry Strawberry *Peachie Peach *Simply Natural
24 Jun - 30 Jun Juicy Honeydew Bravo Taro *Peachie Peach *Simply Natural
1 Jul - 7 Jul Merry Strawberry Tangy Mango *Peachie Peach *Simply Natural
8 Jul - 14 Jul Juicy Honeydew Aromatic Rose *Peachie Peach *Simply Natural
15 Jul - 21 Jul Zesty Lime Merry Strawberry *Peachie Peach *Simply Natural
22 Jul - 28 Jul Juicy Honeydew Wacko Pistachio *Peachie Peach *Simply Natural
29 Jul - 4 Aug Merry Strawberry Bravo Taro *Peachie Peach *Simply Natural
Weekly flavours vary per outlet. Please contact your favourite outlet to know the available flavours.
*Signature YAMIFlavours
Our Flavour List
offers refreshment and an unbeatable taste. It has a gentle sweetness that appeals to wide range of people. It is indeed a very popular choice! Try it!
MACADAMIA NUT provides the richness and creaminess to dessert. It has a thick nuttylicious flavour, creating a perfect combination with yogurt. It is a wonderful dessert after a meal and definitely makes a fabulous treat wherever you are!
blends finely with the healthy yogurt. It has a nice natural sweetness with slight tang of green apple, this full flavoured apple yogurt will have you feeling invigorated. Come down to YAMI Yogurt and indulge in this fabulous healthy snack!
MANGO is a rich and refreshing tropical bliss! The exotic flavour and sweetness of mango makes a lovely partner to YAMI Yogurt. The mango yogurt dessert creates a great memories that you will not forget its beautiful fragrant and the nature goodness of yogurt. It’s simply YAMI-LIOUS!
hides a slight cheeky sourness in an overwhelming sweetness. Strawberry flavoured YAMI Yogurt is truly enrapturing. What’s the better way to appease your taste buds and melt the heart…
rocks your taste bud with a sweet and sour boom! This boost of intense and extreme treat gives a cool, tingly, minty aftertaste feeling in the mouth and throat. Grab this sensational treat now!
made a delicious accompaniment to YAMI Yogurt for a tasty and delighting frozen treat. With a deep flavour Pineapple has, it creates a unique sensation to your taste buds which will never be forgotten. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself with this frozen treat today!
is a delicious fruit with an exquisite flavor. The coalesce between this luscious fruit and Yami Yogurt can only be described by a word so rarely used... HEAVENLY!
with a sweet tart flavour are amazing! The fresh-burst taste and aroma of juicy grapes give an incredibly intense flavor that is a great addition to YAMI Yogurt. Try it, this sensuously fragrant dessert is highly recommended!
infuses sweet earthy taste unlike other berries. It is a combination of fresh gooseberry, passion-fruit flavour aromas and hints of raspberry, together with the floral aromatic notes of carnations and roses. The aftertaste is fresh and sharply cleansing. Hurry to YAMI Yogurt and grab a this unique flavour!
RASPBERRY has a succulent winey fruity scent with hints of green leaf and tea. This flavoured yogurt is a nearly perfect snack – it’s a sweet treat that is also nourishing. Hurry to YAMI Yogurt and grab this unique flavour now!
BOYSENBERRY is a sweet aromatic fruit that will excite your taste buds, no ifs and buts about it. Have you been enjoying our raspberry and blackberry flavored Yogurt? Now try having them both at once! You will simply fall in love with it!
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